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DVI to HDMI Cables Enables Interfacing of Computers with Home Theater Systems

The advent of high definition television has increased the demand for DVI and HDMI.

The advent of high definition television has increased the demand for DVI and HDMI. A DVI to HDMI cable can be used when a user wants to convert and relay video from a DVI source to a HDMI display device without the need for a converter. Use of these cables has no negative effect on video quality as the same high resolution will be maintained. As such, there is no difference between DVI and HDMI since both make use of digital video signals, but the debate regarding which is better is an ongoing one. Both these technologies use the same encoding/decoding scheme and can be connected by using these cables.

The major difference between the two is that while HDMI uses a different 19-pin connector which allows it to carry audio as well as video over a single cable, DVI only carries video over a single cable. Available in varying lengths, ranging from 6ft to 15 ft, the cable is not bi-directional since DVI does not pass audio and it needs to be routed separately with standard audio cables. The cable is DVI male to HDMI male and is pin to pin compatible with DVI. Reduction in noise and elimination of electro-magnetic interference are some of its key features. This cable relays HDTV at 2.2 Gbps at a high resolution of 24 bits per pixel.

Since DVI and HDMI are compatible, one does not need adapters while connecting host and display devices with these video outputs. A high quality DVI to HDMI cable makes it easy and affordable to integrate a computer with a home theater allowing users to play content from their computers and display it on an HDTV. Many laptops are also manufactured with a DVI output and this cable enables connecting the computer's video card to an HDTV as well. It supports simple, enhanced or high definition video and works with HDMI monitors, LCD TVs, Plasma TVs and Projectors. The user friendly connector allows for easy setup of the device.

These high-quality DVI to HDMI cables can be used to connect DVI to HDMI and watch high resolution video over a single connection.

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